Custom EM Mapping

The recent advent of the on-the-go mapping systems using electromagnetic sensors and accurate GPS logging provides a new method to map and identify contrasting and variable soil areas.

A map that accurately identifies the boundaries of contrasting soil areas has enormous potential as a very valuable aid to day-to-day farm management decisions. 

Variable Rate Irrigation and Soil Moisture Probes

The EM Maps provide the information required for the variable rate irrigation.  If a sprinkler system is being used, individual nozzle control is required to target different irrigation depths to different soil managed areas.  Individual nozzle control also allows water to be shut off for example when traveling across raceways and over saturated areas.


Prescriptions and Technology

We derive EM and Landscape change layers to identify water holding capacity variability across the field. These "fixed" yield influencing data layers are professionally processed and then delieverd through the Virtual Agronomist software in preparation for field variability calculations, prescription generation and analysis reports

Please feel free to print our informational tri-fold.

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